Lightning Policy Stylised_Lightning_bolt_(Yellow_fill).gif

Lightning Safety & Severe Weather

The Hangar Sport and Events Centre adheres to the Canadian Soccer Association's Policy regarding lightning safety and severe weather. All user groups must abide by this policy.

If you're using the outdoor fields and you hear thunder, you must clear the fields and go to the Pavilion (the structure located at the south end of the outdoor fields) for at least thirty (30) minutes after the last rumble of thunder is heard.

A copy of the Canadian Soccer Association's policy can be found below.

Portable Goals Policy soccergoal.event.jpg

Safe Use & Storage of Portable Soccer Goals

The Hangar Sport and Events Centre adheres to the Ontario Recreation Facilities Association's (ORFA) Policy regarding safer use and storage of portable soccer goalposts. All user groups must abide by this policy.

Serious injury can occur as a result of improper use of goals. Goals must be anchored at all times, and only Hangar staff are allowed to move the goals. All user groups must ensure that sandbags are properly in place on portable soccer goalposts. No hanging on the goals at any time.

A copy of ORFA's policy can be found below.

Rules and Regulations

Field Use is only by Permit or Registered Drop - in:

  • Use of The Hangar Sport & Events Centre is at your own risk
  • All vehicles must be parked in marked spaces; others will tagged and/or towed
  • No ball playing in areas other than sport fields/courts
  • No swinging or hanging from nets
  • No food or beverage on sport fields/courts
  • No alcohol beverages or smoking permitted within the Hangar
  • Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children
  • Only athletic eye wear, when required, is permitted during programming
  • Use of foul language, spitting, and fighting is prohibited
  • The Hangar does not tolerate any form of discrimination
  • Users must recieve permission from The Hangar before the use of video cameras or other recording devices are used within the facility
  • The facility is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please secure your belongings. 
  • Do not leave valuables in change rooms
  • No pets, other than service animals, are permitted inside the premises. 

Thank You for Your Co-operation