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COVID-19 Rental Rules
(updated January 3, 2022)

Rules for field rentals at the Hangar Sport & Events Centre:

  • All guests at the Hangar and the Dome must show proof of vaccination using the government issued QR code (two doses based on approved vaccines + 14 days) upon entry. Only children under the age of 12 are exempt. 
  • No spectators are permitted.
  • Face coverings must be worn at all times while in indoor spaces, except for when engaging in activity on a field of play.
  • All rental groups are required to submit an action plan upholding the facility's, government's and provincial sport organization's COVID-related policies
  • Social distancing (min. 2 metres) must be practiced by non-participants at all times.
  • Outdoor field capacity is 300 people per field spectator area.
  • The permit holder must sign in all participants upon arrival and have them complete a screening questionnaire. The permit holder will be responsible for tracking their group’s attendance for each booking. The Hangar Sport & Events Centre reserves the right to ask to see the permit holders’ attendance for the purpose of contact tracing.
  • All guests must arrive at the facility a maximum of 30 minutes before their booking and leave immediately after the booking has ended.
  • Washrooms will be available for use. Please obey signs in the washrooms and adhere to physical distancing guidelines. Change rooms will be available for use. There will not be any designated change rooms.
  • Hangar Sport & Events Centre is only accepting bookings made in advance – no drop in play will be permitted at this time.
  • User groups are responsible for their own equipment. All equipment should be disinfected prior to arrival. No facility equipment will be loaned.
  • Special care should be taken when addressing small injuries (i.e. handing out bandages). If possible, a parent/guardian should assist in any care necessary.
  • The Hangar Lightning Policy has been adjusted to read that if the game is stopped for severe weather, then the game is over in order to avoid gathering of participants in confined areas. All other Hangar policies, including the moving of goals policy, remain in full effect.
  • NOTE: the track around Outdoor Field #1 cannot be used by other groups when the field has been rented for programming. Please click here to review the Hangar's Track Usage Policy


Field Rates

Rental Policies and Procedures


Lightning Policy

The Hangar Sport and Events Centre adheres to the Canadian Soccer Association's Policy regarding lightning safety and severe weather. All user groups must abide by this policy.

If you're using the outdoor fields and you hear thunder, you must clear the fields and go to the Pavilion (the structure located at the south end of the outdoor fields) for at least thirty (30) minutes after the last rumble of thunder is heard.

A copy of the Canadian Soccer Association's policy can be found below.

Portable Goals Policy

The Hangar Sport and Events Centre adheres to the Ontario Recreation Facilities Association's (ORFA) Policy regarding safer use and storage of portable soccer goalposts. All user groups must abide by this policy.

Serious injury can occur as a result of improper use of goals. Goals must be anchored at all times, and only Hangar staff are allowed to move the goals. All user groups must ensure that sandbags are properly in place on portable soccer goalposts. No hanging on the goals at any time.

A copy of ORFA's policy can be found below.

Track Usage Policy

Outdoor Field #1 and the track surrounding it are permitted as one space; they are not booked independently of one another.

If the sports field has been rented for programming, the track cannot be used by other groups. Similarly, if the track has been rented for programming, the sports field cannot be used by other groups.

Outdoor Field #1 and the track surrounding it are available for community use during non-permitted times.

Liability Insurance

All long term facility permits for rentals at The Hangar Sport and Events Centre require proof of liability insurance.

Payment Policy

Accepted methods of payment include VISA, MasterCard, debit and cheques. The Hangar Sport and Events Centre does not accept cash.

  • Cheques are to be made payable to: "Global Spectrum Facility Management - Hangar Sport and Events Centre"

Spot Rentals (single use or short term rentals) require payment at time of booking to confirm the rental.

Long Term Contract Rentals (long term or seasonal rentals) require a deposit of 25%.  Payment for the remainder of the contract rental will be specified in the facility permit. 

For payments returned due to non-sufficient funds (NSF), there shall be an administrative charge of $50 and subsequent payments must be made by credit card or certified cheque/money order.

Cancellation Policy

The Hangar has a no refund policy on cancellations.

In the event of a cancellation due to inclement weather, a time credit will be issued to the user group.

NOTE: Rental fees shall not be reduced if the permit holder fails or elects not to use any portion of the time specified on the permit. In the event the permit holder asks to give back rental time, the Hangar will do its best to re-rent the time, however, any financial shortfall will be the responsibility of the original permit holder.